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Attorney Tomas Cabrera

$71,000 Verdict Against a Defendant Driver in Automobile Negligence Case

Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Tomas Cabrera of Morici, Longo & Associates obtained a verdict of $71,000 against a Defendant driver in an automobile negligence case in his first Jury Trial. The Plaintiff in the suburban Chicago personal injury accident was stopped on Dundee Rd when she was rear ended. Although the vehicles showed no damage, a fact hammered on by the defense, the Plaintiff sustained a concussion and suffered from post-concussion syndrome.

The case was complicated by the fact that the plaintiff had a history of prior mental issues involving similar symptoms, and that all test results were normal. The defendants retained expert neurologist opined during the trial that the plaintiff sustained a short term neck strain and no brain injury. The jury deliberated for just over three hours in the courtroom of Circuit Judge Clare McWilliams before returning its unanimous verdict eclipsing the $18,500 top pre-trial offer made by The State Farm Insurance Company. Everyone at Morici, Longo & Associates is proud of Mr. Cabrera and his success in his first trial.

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