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Semi Tractor Trailer Truck Accidents: Wide Right Turn Causes Injury

Large trucks including semi tractor trailers can be extremely hazardous on the roadways and often result in personal injury producing collisions. One common cause of truck accidents is truckers not keeping a proper look-out for other motorists when making wide right turns. Trucks will sometimes veer left before turning right, effectively making a right turn from a left lane, catching other motorists off guard and causing a motor vehicle collision.

We just finished deposing a Chicago police officer who investigated one such incident. The semi tractor trailer was executing a sharp angle turn on Chicago's Northwest side from Northwest bound Milwaukee Avenue onto Eastbound Lawrence Avenue. Our client sustained a severe back injury when the truck came sideways through his lane impacting his drivers side door. His serious injury resulted in a spinal fusion surgery. The officer testified that the truck driver made an improper right turn and failed to yield the right of way to the car.

Morici, Longo & Associates, a Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm makes a substantial practice in representing those injured motorists in serious back injury incidents. These include Chicago car accidents, motor vehicle collisions and truck accidents. If you've been seriously hurt or in a similar situation, we advise that you seek prompt medical attention and legal advice immediately.