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Passengers can help make their cab rides safer

Taxi cabs allow for convenient transportation around the city of Chicago. But as we have written previously on this blog, taking a cab can have its risks. Drivers should be properly licensed and qualified and their cabs should be mechanically sound. Companies and their drivers have a duty to exercise due care in order to limit the possibility of taxi accidents.

But there are things that passengers can do to look out for themselves when riding in taxis. The City of Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection has some tips for taxi passengers to help them reach their destinations safely.

  • Give the driver the address of your destination as specifically as possible.
  • Be aware that cab drivers are prohibited from wearing earbuds or using mobile devices as they drive.
  • Upon entering the vehicle, write down the taxi’s number and the driver’s name.
  • Wearing seat belts is recommended. The cab should not be overcrowded. Every passenger should have access to their own seat belt.
  • Get in and out of the taxi at the side of the curb and keep a lookout for pedestrians and people riding bikes.

It is advisable to do what we can to account for our own safety when riding in taxi cabs. However, much of how a trip goes is totally out of our control. Should a taxi be on the road in an unsafe mechanical condition, we could find ourselves involved in a serious accident. Likewise, if the person behind the wheel is not qualified or is in an impaired state due to fatigue or intoxication, they could put passengers, and those in the cab’s proximity, in danger.

If you are injured in the course of a taxi accident, you may find yourself in need of help in securing compensation for any injuries you have suffered. An Illinois accident attorney who understands the complexities of seeking recompense from drivers, taxi companies and insurance companies could be of service to your needs.