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Drivers cannot let routineness lead to distracted driving

Some of our day-to-day chores become so routine that we may feel we are on automatic pilot when we do them. And this is fine for such mundane activities as bathing, brushing teeth and making the bed. However, there are some things that may require a bit more focus. Driving a car is certainly the kind of task that we may find so easy that we don't have to give it much thought. But in truth, it is imperative that people resist the urge to let their minds wander while behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, there are many reasons a driver may let his or her thoughts drift from the business of operating a motor vehicle. Almost everyone has a cellphone that also allows for texting, and such devices can vie for a driver's attention. And many motorists have cars that are built to drive quietly and comfortably. Driving such vehicles almost feels like sitting on a sofa at home.

But it is important that drivers not be lulled into complacency or allow themselves to be distracted while on the road. A serious accident can result from the briefest moment of inattentiveness. And when this happens, innocent victims may pay a very steep price.

Distracted driving is a common cause of serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents. And distracted driving is also an act of negligence. Negligent drivers can and should be held accountable if their actions cause harm or damages.

If you believe another driver's negligence was responsible for an accident in which you were involved, you likely have good reason to get in touch with a motor vehicle accident attorney. We at Morici, Longo & Associates are prepared to help our clients by aggressively acting on their behalf when pursuing compensation from insurance companies. We would be interested in discussing the possibility of using our experience to help you.