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What is OSHA's "Fatal Four"?

As many already know, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, often referred to as OSHA, is committed to creating functional and safe workplaces by collaborating with employers and health and safety professionals. Since the creation of OSHA, in 1971, injury and fatality rates in the workplace have significantly decreased. While these numbers have dropped, injuries and deaths occur every day in the workplace. In fact, data states that 12 or more deaths occur in the workplace every day.

In 2013, OSHA collected fatality rates throughout the nation. From the 4,101 employee fatalities, 57.7% of these deaths were the result of OSHA’s infamous “Fatal Four,” which are explained below:

1. Falls:

About 36.5% of workplace fatalities occurred due to workers falling. This includes employees who have fallen off roofs, skyscraper construction areas, scaffolding, and ladders.

2. Struck by Objects:

About 10.1% of workplace fatalities occur due to falling, misplaced, or swinging objects.

3. Electrocutions:

About 8.6% of workers suffer fatal injuries due to electrocutions. These types of accidents can occur when workers are exposed to open wiring.

4. Caught-in or Caught-between:

About 2.5% of workplace fatalities occur when workers are caught in or between devices, machines, or tools.

While OSHA attempts to regulate safety and health standards in the workplace, workplace safety issues remain a concern, specifically in the construction industry. As a result, it is crucial that workers are aware of their surroundings and exercise proper safety measures in order to avoid serious or deadly accidents. In addition, workers should notify their employers if they suspect a danger in their work area.

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