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Safeguarding tips for using a chain saw

Spring is here and warm weather is here. Most of us are tending to our garden and yard work. If you are using a chain saw, here are some injuries involving the use of this common garden tool.

Chain saw-related injuries: most injuries occur after a severe thunderstorm or other natural disaster, where chain saws are used on fallen trees and branches. The result may be severed fingers, hand or foot and deep cuts. Below are safeguarding tips against injuries while using a power saw:

  • Read the chain saw's instruction manual prior to use
  • Adjust and operate the saw according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Properly maintain, sharpen and lubricate chainsaw blades to ensure good cutting action
  • Choose the proper size of chain saw for a specific job
  • Wear appropriate protective attire
  • Avoid using a power saw near power lines
  • Do not use a chain saw or cut above your waist line (this is to ensure you maintain secure control over the power tool)
  • Co-workers or bystanders should stay at least 30 feet away from anyone operating a chain saw and about 150 feet away from falling trees or branches

 Also, do not forget to use safety precautions such as a chain brake, front and rear hand guards, stop switch, chain catcher or a spark arrester. Your safety gear should include a hard hat, safety glasses, ear plugs, heavy-duty work gloves, cut-resistant clothing such as chain saw chaps, and tall boots.

If you sustain a deep cut, apply direct pressure over the cut to impede bleeding. This practice may save a life.

The above suggestions are for general guidance only and should not be relied upon as instructions for rendering medical help or advice. They are based solely on illustrative purposes. Morici, Longo & Associates (MLA LAW) does not make any warranty, expressed or implied for any products or suggestions mentioned, or any techniques or practices described.