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10 simple tips on how to beat winter blues

Winter is still here! Daylight is short and nights are cold. We all go through a period know as “winter blues” characterized mostly by mild melancholy, low energy, laziness, lack of motivation, sadness and many others.

There are a lot of ways you can fight the blues: 

  1. Eat a healthy diet full of fresh vegetables, fruit and meat/fish protein. Avoid (or at least restrict) refined and processed foods consisting of white flour, sugar, rice, caffeine and alcohol. In addition to eating a well-balanced diet you can supplement with daily vitamins. Avoid the vending machine!
  2. Expose yourself to daily sunlight by going for a quick 15 minute walk or sit near a window. You can also lift the curtains / blinds in your home and try switching to “full spectrum” bulbs for the winter.
  3. Maintain a healthy weight and energy by exercising daily, even if it is for a half-an-hour. Staying active will boost your energy and morale.
  4. Take up a winter hobby or activity. This is a great way to look forward to winter, rather than loathing it. Great examples are photography, learning to play an instrument, listening to new music, observing nature in a winter environment, building a snowman or igloo, or learning about astronomy. Some winter sports include cross-country or downhill skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hockey, ice skating, sledding, tubing, or snowshoeing.
  5. Get sufficient rest and sleep. Aim for about 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night and keep your bedtime routine consistent. Naps throughout the day are also important! A short 10 to 30 minute nap will help you feel re-energized midday. 
  6. Find some time to relax! With work, school, family, friends, appointments, meetings, driving, and everything else thrown in the mix - don’t be afraid to find some “me” time throughout the day. Read a book or magazine, meditate or pray, schedule a massage, try reflexology therapy, sign up for a yoga class or visit your local library and research some other stress relieving techniques.
  7. Avoid binge drinking and eating. Alcohol is a depressant and so is eating vast amounts of unhealthy treats such as cookies, cakes, chips, chocolates, pop, fast food, etc. Consuming processed foods will make you feel sick, tired, depressed and will only exacerbate your feelings of lethargy.
  8. Give yourself a gift! Break out of a rut! Plan an exciting weekend getaway, or visit a local spa, plan a party, go to a play, theatre, or opera, or plan a fun night with friends. A simple phone call or letter to a distant relative, close friend, or a nice chat over the phone can brighten anyone’s mood. Change your hairstyle, wear bright and bold makeup, or buy a new outfit or fragrance. Make a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy! Any small gestures can change your humor.
  9. Dress for the winter cold. Many hate winter because they feel cold all the time. Re-examine your winter wardrobe and make sure you are appropriately dressed. Wear proper gloves, a hat, scarf, warm boots, and a warm coat. Long underwear goes a long way – and nobody needs to know!
  10. Some other positive things to note about winter:  winter holidays, falling snow flakes, snow ball fights, family gatherings, winter Olympics, and great January clearance sales.

Embrace winter!

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The above suggestions are for general guidance only and should not be relied upon as instructions for rendering medical help or advice. They are based solely on illustrative purposes. Morici, Longo & Associates (MLA LAW) does not make any warranty, expressed or implied for any products or suggestions mentioned, or any techniques or practices described.