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Work Safety: Maintaining a Positive Attitude at Work

We all get a feeling of being “stuck” at work, and these feelings of unhappiness make work difficult. So how could we improve poor workplace morale?

Maintain a positive attitude. Even if you are having a difficult time at work, remember that things can always be worse. It is hard to be uplifting when things are difficult, but try to remain calm and if you need to, step outside for a couple of minutes and shake it off. If matters are not improving, focus on your own needs. Re-assess your position at the company you are employed. Concentrate on things that make you happy in and outside of work. Surround yourself with other people that are happy and overall have a positive attitude. Good attitudes are infectious, and so are smiles. Only you can change your attitude.

Do not get involved in office quarrels. Try not to choose sides during or after verbal fights. Emotionally-fueled disagreements tend to get out of hand and increase tension in the office. Instead, learn to be a good listener. Try to avoid giving tips and solutions. Listen to the employees’ complaints and employ empathy rather than solutions that may seem biased to others. Tense moments in the workplace happen often, but that does not mean you have to carry it with you or bring it home with you.

Do something to improve morale. Poor office morale affects everyone in the office, but this can be changed with a little effort and work, and it can go a long way. One way to do so is to organize a monthly coworker lunch, or a softball game, picnic, or even a special outing like weekend golf, camping, or going to the theater or to the movies. If attendance/participation is an issue, you can try organizing a during-business-hours event, such as bring-a-movie-to-work, or morning breakfast/brunch. Tell your staff to bring their sneakers to work and go for a walk with the entire group (preventive health). This form of exercise coupled with being in the fresh air increases work capability and reduces stress. You can be as imaginative as you want to. The point here is to get everyone involved. People like to look forward to something fun and positive to do. If you are an employee bring these up with your immediate supervisor.

It is just too overwhelming. If you find your job and/or the overall office attitude just too much for you, then maybe you should consider leaving your current position. If you have tried the above tips and discussed your unhappiness with your direct supervisor and nothing has changed and you continue to hate coming to work—well, this is an unfortunate situation. Consider leaving your employer or career altogether, but do so gracefully. It is not worth creating additional tension in the workplace and it will not be worth “burning that bridge”. Begin by discreetly looking for a new job, but continue doing your present job well. Maintain a positive attitude to the last day.

We all work with different people every day, different cultures, races, opinions, etc. Always try to practice a preventative approach first. Focus on the positive and try to mitigate problems and unhealthy situations by following the above suggestions. And remember: that just a little effort can and does go a long way.