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Jim Morici and Beba Georgieva Attend 38th Annual Chicago-Kent Alumni Awards Celebration

On November 16, Attorney Jim Morici, founder of Morici, Longo & Associates, and Beba Georgieva, Legal Assistant and Marketing Director at the firm, attended the 38th Annual Chicago-Kent Alumni Awards Celebration. As an alumni and a faculty staff member of the school, Attorney Morici was and is eager and passionate about showing his upmost respect and support both for the law school and Professor Ralph Brill’s 55 years of service.

Although Professor Brill has decided to retire, his influence throughout the university and impact on former students does not go without recognition and appreciation. A majority of the speakers and audience members who attended the ceremony had taken courses, at some point in their college careers, taught by Professor Brill. The respect throughout the crowd for his services and impact was irrefutable.

As a former student, Attorney Jim Morici expressed his gratitude for having spent time learning from Professor Brill, stating:

Congratulations to my Chicago-Kent College of Law Torts Professor Ralph Brill on his retirement after 56 years of teaching. I was honored to have studied under him in 1976 and to be there today to sit in on his last class. [He is] a wonderful man and teacher who has had an effect on over 10,000 law students. He was as warm, eloquent, and patient in teaching today as he was 40 years ago. He helped pioneer Kent's outstanding writing program and was instrumental in helping the school become one of the nation’s finest. A retirement well deserved.

Our legal team at Morici, Longo & Associates is honored to have attended and participated in such an event. We hope and know that Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology will continue to positively affect the community by instilling upcoming and current lawyers with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide exceptional legal services on behalf of clients.

Attorney Morici’s Upcoming involvement at Chicago-Kent College of Law

While attending the event, Attorney Morici was introduced to Dawn Young, the Director of Institutional Projects. During the interaction, they discussed the Solo and Small Practice Incubator, the university’s newest initiative. This one-year program is designed to offer the group of graduates with ongoing training and experience to help build their careers as small firm or solo legal practitioners. The main objective of the program is to accelerate the successful development of new attorney in an “incubator” setting. It has been decided that Attorney Morici will volunteer in 2017 and help new graduates whom enter the incubator. In his role, he will become a mentor and guide the graduates towards beginning successful careers.

To learn more about how Morici, Longo & Associates is getting involved in the legal community or to learn more about the Solo and Small Practice Incubator program, we urge you to contact our Chicago legal team today! We have helped injured victims seek financial compensation for decades.