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Injured at Work? Know Your Rights as a Non-Union Construction Worker

It’s important to understand your rights as a worker if you were injured on the job. Construction sites can be extremely hazardous, especially if the worksite is located on the roadside, at great heights, or around heavy machinery and building equipment. If you suffer a serious injury while at work, we can help you obtain the full and complete compensation you deserve.

If you were harmed at work and you wish to take legal action your employer, you might be entitled to do so under certain circumstances. Before you make any decisions, contact an attorney to find out if your status as a union or non-union worker could affect your potential case.

Employers & Workers’ Compensation

Most workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, which are supposed to provide payment for medical expenses and lost wages in the event that a worker is injured on the job. These benefits are intended to benefit both the employee and the employer by both providing the injured worker with the financial compensation they require without the need to file a lawsuit. While most workers’ compensation agreements prevent workers from filing a lawsuit against their employer, special circumstances allow the employee to sue their employer for additional compensation for their injuries.

Work-Related Injuries

Construction work can be grueling, and the materials you work with can be extremely dangerous if handled incorrectly or carelessly. Construction sites can also be exceptionally hazardous. Between open trenches, uneven ground, debris, loud noise, and other dangers, these environments often make it nearly impossible to avoid sustaining some type of injury if these hazards aren’t properly marked off and maintained. Unfortunately, these dangers tend to be far more common on non-union work sites.

Non-Union Workers’ Rights

Unionized workers are entitled to certain benefits through their union, but non-union workers have no such protection. In the construction industry, unions generally make working conditions safer for their workers, and if a union worker is injured, they likely have the ability to file a workers’ compensation claim to secure the necessary benefits. Non-union workers often do not have the same options available to them, and if they are injured on a construction site while working, it may be in their best interest to pursue a personal injury claim.

Even though your rights may be limited in the workplace as a non-union employee, that does not mean they are nonexistent. Our firm can assess your current situation, the severity of your injuries, potential causes, projected damages, and more. If you have a personal injury case, we can help identify the guilty party and bring them to justice.

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