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Opinions Regarding Potential Causes of Death of 37-Year-Old Ironworker

Chicago personal injury lawyer James J. Morici, Jr. is widely regarded to be the top Chicago construction site injury attorney representing the injured building tradesmen in personal injury and workers' compensation matters. Mr. Morici was asked his opinion regarding the potential causes in the death of a 37-year-old Chicago ironworker who was killed earlier this month on Chicago’s far south side when he was crushed by a steel bridge beam. “In instances like this, a thorough investigation is imperative.

As a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer, I would immediately begin the investigation by interviewing witnesses, taking photographs, and documenting the work that was proceeding at the site.” Morici said. Relative to the falling beam, Morici continued, “Any time there is a component of the structural steel which falls and injures a worker, one of the first things we look at is what the support for the beam was immediately prior to the injury.” During the course of the work, construction materials, including structural steel beams, are to be supported and held in place to prevent the devastating injuries that can result should they become displaced. “I would look at the temporary supports that were being implemented at the time, the selection of the construction crane, and any failures in the communication system with the crane operator,” Morici said.

Chicago construction accidents of this type happen frequently in the building trades. As Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers, Morici, Longo & Associates is well acquainted with accident scenes like this. Investigating Chicago work injuries is one of the things that Morici, his partners, and teams of lawyers and investigators are frequently called upon to do on behalf of their injured clients.

Assisted by Chicago workers' compensation lawyer Robert H. Butzow, Morici also works with Chicago personal injury lawyer and partner Mitchell B. Friedman and Chicago trial lawyers Charles A. Wallace and David J. Schwaner. In addition to representing clients in Chicago construction site injuries, the firm also represents injured plaintiffs in auto accidents, workers compensation claims, products liability suits, and other Chicago personal injuries.