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Dashboard Knee Injuries

An In-depth Look at Dashboard Knee Injuries

“Dashboard knee” is a term used to describe the injury to the cartilage and surfaces of the knee joint resulting from just such a mechanism.

What are Dashboard Injuries?

The patella is one of the most common knee structures that are affected in dashboard injuries. The patella, also known as the kneecap, is a circular bone with a point on the end. It helps to protect the anterior articular surface of the knee joint. The tendons of the quadriceps are attached to the knee cap which helps bend and straighten the knee; and the patellar tendon connects the patella to the tibia. When the front of the knee is struck, the femoral condyles are pressed together which can causes stress or fracture of the knee cap.

There is usually immediate pain and swelling of the knee, and in some cases standing is very difficult, if not impossible. X-Rays are used to determine the severity of the displacement in these types of injuries. Auto accidents, are the main cause of fractures in the knee, and can be treated conservatively or with surgery depending on how severe the fracture. Morici, Figlioli and Associates are Chicago personal injury attorneys experienced in Dashboard Knee Injuries - if you have experienced one, you will want to speak to one of the experienced lawyers at MLA.

How Is Dashboard Knee Diagnosed?

A thorough examination by an orthopedic specialist can help to determine what recovery treatment is needed. The straight leg raise test is done with the patient lying down flat on their back. The goal of this test is to see if the patient can raise their foot of the injured leg. This test shows if there is a disruption of the quadriceps tendon, patella, or patellar tendon. If the straight leg raise test can be done by the patient then they may be able to avoid surgical intervention.

Severe auto injuries, such as a fractured patella, are usually accompanied by a large amount of swelling. The immediate swelling of the area around the patella is usually blood from the broken bone filling into the knee joint. Patients with a large amount of blood benefit from having the blood drained and the knee immobilized with a brace.

How Long Does Dashboard Knee Take to Heal?

Surgery is common treatment to severe fracture followed by many weeks of rehabilitation. Injured clients of Morici, Longo & Associates are referred to accredited physical therapy institutions. These institutions include Illinois Bone and Joint, Accelerated Rehab, Athlectico Physical Therapy, and Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

Dashboard knee injuries are a frequent result of automobile collisions. In our role as Chicago auto accident lawyers, we frequently represent clients who have sustained knee injuries after having been involved in motor vehicle collisions. A frequent scenario of this injury is when a front seat passenger whose knee is bent is involved in a collision that forces the knee into the dashboard.

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