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The Value of Work Hardening

Many of our clients at the Chicago personal injury & workers compensation firm of Morici, Longo & Associates have been involved in work-related injuries.

Usually as one of the first modalities of treatment prescribed to them by their orthopaedic surgeons are physical therapy and/or work hardening. When clients from our office have been injured in Chicago auto accidents or construction site injuries, often the first step in their care is physical therapy. Physical therapy modalities such as ultrasound, massage, electric stimulation, strengthening and flexibility stretching, are provided to them by trained physical therapists.

Many of our clients seek these services through physical therapy centers such as Athletico, Illinois Bone & Joint, Accelerated Rehab, NovaCare, Advanced Rehabilitation Clinic or the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. We have found that ATI Physical Therapy provides excellent services as does Physical Therapy Chicago.

Orthopaedic surgeons may recommend work rehabilitation or “work hardening” to their Chicago workers' compensation injuries. This consists of the same modalities of physical therapy followed by a program of simulated work activities. The patient may be enrolled in a 9:00-5:00, several-day-a-week regimen in which they work in a rehabilitation facility setting at tasks replicating things that they will do at work. These tasks can include lifting, bending, carrying, and climbing. The goal is to simulate the physical demands placed upon the worker should they return back to their prior occupation.

As workers compensation attorney’s in Chicago, Morici, Longo & Associates attorney Robert H. Butzow works with those clients and their therapists in attempting to bring them to a full and complete recovery. When that does not happen, we make certain that they obtain full and complete compensation for their work injuries.