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Can I File a Lawsuit Against a Property Owner?

When a serious injury occurs in an accident on another's property, regardless if it is on commercial or privately owned property — the injured person may be able to seek compensation. An owner of property has a duty to protect members of the public from injury that may occur upon the property. The law differs from state to state, that is why it is wise to contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

For example, if a child trespasses on your property and engages in dangerous behavior, you as the property owner must still take precautions to prevent foreseeable harm to children e.g. backyard swimming pools. Property owners must take steps to fence, gate, and lock their pools in a manner that keeps children out. If they fail to do so, they will be found liable for injuries to children, even if the children were trespassers that were warned to stay off the property.

Furthermore, when you enter the grounds of a private home, a private or commercial property, a restaurant or store or any other businesses, a commercial office building, or a construction site, it is the legal responsibility of the property owner to ensure that there are no threats to your safety on the property. However, sometimes property owners or property managers fail to uphold this responsibility, and as a result, people get hurt.

Talking with an experienced personal injury attorney about the facts of your injury will bring you optimal results. The litigation attorney will assess the facts of your accident and may further investigate by pursuing additional information from the property owner, the city in which the property is found, surveillance, witnesses, medical records, etc.

The experienced Chicago personal injury attorneys at Morici, Figlioli and Associates will determine why your injury was the fault of the property owner acting in a criminal or negligent way. This is crucial to filing and winning a personal injury lawsuit. Morici, Figlioli and Associates personal injury lawyers offer free case evaluations! Call Morici, Longo & Associates at (312) 779-0366 to learn more about your rights.