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Learn More: Personal Injury Law

The general goal of personal injury lawsuit is to place blame and responsibility for the injury on the accused party and to require them to compensate the injured person for the losses sustained. However, not every injured plaintiff is entitled to recover damages for the injury he or she has sustained. The plaintiff must also establish through evidence and proof of causation of actual, factual and legal elements.

Some personal injury actions revolve around intentional conduct, which means intentional harm of another. Other personal injury actions are based on negligence, which means an individual is liable for the injuries caused by his or her own actions, or inactions; and some are based on strict liability, where liability may attach regardless of the fault of the various parties including the injured plaintiff. Furthermore, in certain situations, if (the injured) plaintiff knowingly and willfully chose to encounter a known hazard, the law holds that he or she has "assumed the risk of injury" and therefore the defendant would not be liable.

Personal injury law can involve many different types of claims, theories and principles. Some of these personal injury lawsuits include:

  • Assault and battery: improper or threatening contact with another without permission or consent
  • Defamation and privacy: the rights of individuals to have their personal information, names and reputations protected, and also to have their privacy preserved
  • Premises liability: places responsibility on owners of property to prevent dangerous conditions or hazards, and to prevent others from being injured while on their property
  • Property damage: the rights of property owners to protect their property from damage, theft or intrusion
  • Slip and fall injuries: maintaining property, land or work environment in a safe manner
  • Automobile / motor vehicle accidents: places liability to cover losses and damages
  • Railroad / train accidents: serious personal injury or death may subject the railroad to liability
  • Aviation / plane accidents: serious personal injury or death may subject the aviation industry to liability
  • Animal attacks: places liability on the animal owner
  • Wrongful death lawsuits: may be brought by dependents or beneficiaries of a deceased individual against the party whose action or inaction caused the death of their loved one

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