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How To Safely Dispose Of Prescriptions And Over-The-Counter Medicines

Medicines treat many conditions and diseases, but when they are no longer needed it is important to remember to dispose of them properly to avoid harm to others.

Below, is a list of some disposal options and instructions to consider when throwing out expired, unwanted, or unused medicines:

  1. Read the instructions on safe disposal on the medication.
  2. If an instruction label is absent, call your doctor or pharmacist and ask how to safely discard your pills.
  3. Remember to remove all personal information listed on labels (names, pharmacy, numbers, etc).
  4. Consider saving and reusing your medication if you have an ongoing or reoccurring medical condition.
  5. Research your local community drug disposal programs.
  6. Contact your local trash / recycle service; it may provide you with a list of facilities which incinerates medicines.

If the above steps are not helpful try not to simply throw away or flush your medicines without cosidering the potential hazards. Contact your local hospital or medical center and address your concerns that you do not feel at ease by just simply discarding your medication and that you would prefer to place the unused or expired pills in Bio Hazard containers for incineration.

Most pharmaceuticals may adversely affect the environment if disposed improperly. Too many inappropriately discarded pharmaceuticals have shown up in our nation's waterways and these drugs may cause further ecological harm. Be responsible and do not be swayed to simply “flush” away the problem we face today with over-medicating and over-prescribing medicines.