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Useful things to remember during a snow storm

It is difficult enough to battle with freezing temperatures and a constant flow of fresh snow, but it is also as important to remember the following suggestions:

  • Cold winter weather puts an additional strain on the heart, so if you must do some outside chores in the snow, dress warmly in layers and work slowly. Take frequent brakes and keep hydrated.
  • Postpone all non-emergency travel during this period of dangerous cold. However, if you must drive in this weather, inform family and friend of your travel plans, itinerary and destination. Be sure to check your car is stocked with a winter survival kit with essential components. Stay alert and be cautious of other drivers.
  • During a power outage, use battery-powered flashlights or lanterns, or if you are using candles do not leave them unattended. Remain in the warmest room in the house.
  • If you are using fireplaces, wood stoves and other combustion heaters to heat your home, make sure they are vented to the outside and kept clear of any debris and obstructions. Mobile floor / space heaters should be least 3 feet away from anything flammable.
  • Check on elderly family members, friends, neighbors, people with disabilities and children to make sure they have enough food, heat and supplies to wait out the storm.
  • To help prevent your pipes from freezing or rupturing, leave all taps slightly open so they trickle continuously.
  • Open kitchen and bathroom cabinets to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing to prevent freezing.
  • Listen or watch local news channels for weather updates and critical information on snow storms and blizzards.
  • Bring pets and animals inside during severe winter weather. Large farm animals and livestock should be moved to a sheltered area or barn with sufficient food and water.

Remember to relax, remain calm and most of all, take it easy in severe weather conditions.