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Last Minute Ski Safety Tips!

The following tips provide prevention of ski injuries and safety techniques:

  1. Take lessons to increase knowledge, ability and appreciation of varying ski conditions
  2. Never ski down a closed piste – you run the risk of serious injury
  3. Ski on trails which are known to you and steadily gain experience on slopes
  4. Get familiarized with directions on how to safely use ski lifts
  5. Use good equipment that is properly fitted and maintained by a certified ski shop
  6. Always remain in control and use devices to prevent runaway equipment
  7. Skiers / riders ahead of you have the right of way
  8. If you must stop, find a safe place and mind other skiers
  9. Whenever merging or turning, look uphill and be prepared to yield
  10. Observe sings and warnings and stay off closed trails

Posted safety instructions and slope closures are there for a good reason – never ignore posted warning signs! If you risk it, you could be prosecuted and may be held liable for any damages and / or rescue efforts.