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Lawsuit Filed: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

A Chicago-based law firm has filed court documents ordering both Malaysia Airlines and Boeing Company to release documents related to the possibility of aviation negligence. The plaintiffs in this case want to know what caused the Boeing 777 to crash into the Indian Ocean, whether there were fatal depressurization issues in the cockpit, mechanical or electrical failure, hijacking, sabotage, terrorism or issues related to the mental stability of the flight crew or passengers.

In search of the missing plain, officials and investigators had an extremely challenging environment to deal with, turbulent weather which included fierce winds, high waves and low visibility.

Since Flight 370 has gone missing, Malaysia has been criticized over its handling of this devastating and perplexing crash, mostly because they have declared everyone dead without recovering any signs of wreckage and because the information they have thus far provided turned out to be unreliable and confusing to the victims’ families.