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Repeat drunk driving offender wreaks havoc on road

“Too much.” That was the simple reply a woman offered to a police officer after being asked how much she’d had to drink that day. This verbal exchange occurred after one of the numerous car accidents that were allegedly caused by the 59-year-old over the years.

The litany of reported incidents and subsequent charges levied against the woman is truly astounding. According to court documents, the woman has a record of drunk driving that can be traced back to 2008. Six years ago, after running up over a curb, she was found to have been driving with a BAC of more than triple the legal limit.

She was arrested in 2013 for DUI charges after running a red light and striking another vehicle. For that infraction she received a conviction, a fine, and a license suspension. Soon after the conviction, she crashed into a parked car and was found with an open container in her vehicle. That incident led to her receiving probation from a Cook County judge.

Then, just recently, she was reportedly back behind the wheel while impaired. This time she cut an astonishing swath of damage and injury. First, she struck a state trooper. She kept driving and hit a tollway retaining wall. Two miles later, she struck an SUV, causing it to flip. Her car finally came to a stop after striking a median and spinning 180 degrees.

As for the passengers of the SUV, one of whom was a three-year-old boy, they were transported to hospitals and later released after observation. A spokeswoman for the Illinois State Police stated that the trooper is in the hospital and in stable condition.

This story clearly points out the incredible harm and destruction a person can inflict when driving drunk. A collision with a vehicle driven by a drunk driver can leave victims with life altering injuries, leading to long term medical expenses.

One course of action that victims of drunk driving accidents may take is to contact an Illinois accident attorney. The attorney can possibly help in exploring avenues of compensation and may be able aid in the securing of payments.

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