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What measures can be taken to promote pedestrian safety?

The streets of downtown Chicago always have a lot of foot traffic. As such, those who are driving on the inner-city streets have to keep a sharp eye out for pedestrians at all times. Motor vehicles hold a decided size and power advantage over unshielded humans. Should a negligent driver collide with someone in a crosswalk or on a sidewalk, that person is almost certain to suffer serious or even fatal injuries.

So with all the hustle and bustle to contend with, what can drivers and pedestrians do to help prevent accidents? To keep pedestrians safe from harm, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers up these reminders for both drivers and pedestrians:

  • Typically, drivers must give pedestrians the right of way. This includes whenever a pedestrian is at a crosswalk that is either marked or unmarked.
  • Drivers should take special care when making turns at intersections. Pedestrians can be in the crosswalks of the streets on to which a driver is turning.
  • Pedestrians should try to use crosswalks whenever traversing a street.
  • Pedestrians should stick to the sidewalks whenever possible. If walking in the street is the only option, then pedestrians should walk-in the direction that faces traffic.

Pedestrians and drivers must each do their part to ensure no tragedies occur as they share the streets. But the onus is largely on those in motor vehicles to watch out for those on foot.

A motor vehicle, be it a car, truck or bus, can cause devastating injury to the human body. Victims of such collisions can find themselves in the hospital for long periods of time as medical expenses mount. And if the impact is great enough, a pedestrian can easily lose their life from being struck by a moving vehicle.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a negligent driver who failed to properly yield or was otherwise responsible for causing a serious injury or death, you have a right to pursue compensation. An Illinois accident attorney may be able to contribute to the successful securing of recompense from insurance companies or other liable parties.