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CTA has safety tips for those who ride Chicago buses

Many of us have ridden buses since our first day of school. Due to this familiarity, traveling by bus may seem a rather mundane endeavor. After all, what could be more basic than climbing aboard one of these large vehicles, taking a seat, and proceeding to our desired stop? Therefore, we may feel that we are safe from harm once we have boarded a bus.

And yet, bus accidents do happen. Bus drivers can face a myriad of distractions. They must keep an eye on the traffic and pedestrians outside the bus, as well as on the passengers on board. Therefore, it behooves those of us who use the bus to be mindful of any potential hazards. The Chicago Transit Authority makes the following recommendations for bus passengers to follow:

  • Do not physically interfere with closing doors with either your body or objects such as strollers and bags.
  • If you should stand while riding, grip the vertical bars or handles.
  • Do not lean up against any doors.
  • Keep aisles and doors clear of personal effects such as luggage and strollers.

Also, should the need arise, there are instructions for making an emergency exit listed near the doors at the rear of the bus. The instructions are also on the windows and on the escape hatches on the ceiling.

By staying alert and following these CTA recommendations, we will most often reach our destinations safely. However, sometimes things can happen beyond our control.

Bus accidents hold the potential of injuring many people at once. When such an event occurs, an investigation may clarify the incident's cause and who is liable. Should you be in some way injured in a bus accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for medical expenses.

An Illinois accident attorney may be able to look at the totality of what happened and help you in seeking financial restitution to cover expenses for injuries suffered or damage incurred.