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CTA settles wrongful death case

Chicago's public transit system serves to move people to and from points all throughout the city. As such, there is an abundance of buses that must share the roads with other vehicle traffic as well as pedestrians. Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to suffering serious injuries if struck by a bus.

Therefore, bus drivers must keep a lookout for those on foot, on bicycles or in wheelchairs. And should a pedestrian be injured in a bus accident, then it is important that a thorough investigation be conducted to determine exactly what happened and who is liable.

In 2009, a 36-year-old mother of two was killed after being struck by a Chicago Transit Authority bus while she was legally walking in a pedestrian crosswalk. Recently, the CTA board chose to settle a wrongful death suit pertaining to the tragic accident. The amount of the settlement is reportedly $4.3 million.

But prior to this settlement, there was a prolonged investigation into the true cause of the accident. For some time, it was believed that the woman had been hit by another vehicle before being struck by the bus. But ultimately, footage recorded by a camera located at the back of the bus demonstrated that no other vehicle had been involved. The driver of the bus, who is now retired, was never disciplined for his role in the accident.

When such a tragedy occurs, it can leave a terrible void in the lives of the victim's family. A settlement cannot replace a human life, but compensation can be put toward helping a family move through a very difficult time.

If a member of your family should be seriously injured or killed by a bus or other commercial vehicle, you could possibly benefit from the legal services provided by an Illinois personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney could help you discover the cause of the accident and act on your behalf in pursuit of recompense for your loss.