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Drivers must be cautious when near Chicago school buses

Fall is approaching and in Chicago that means that temperatures will be starting to dip and the Bears will be playing on Sundays. But in the minds of many, the fall season is most strongly associated with going back to school after summer vacation. And as this happens every year, many of Chicago's students will be riding the school bus for the very first time.

Because of their size and inexperience, the youngest school bus riders are also the most vulnerable. And it is when these children are boarding or exiting the bus that they are in the most danger. According to information posted on the Illinois State Board of Education website, children who are between 5 and 7 years old are the most likely to suffer fatal injuries in bus-related accidents.

While adults are generally aware of the hazards posed by moving buses and other vehicular traffic, younger children have not yet developed all of the traits needed to stay safe. Children are more easily distracted and may suddenly dart out in front of a car or bus. Also, they may not be able to properly gauge how close an approaching vehicle really is or how fast it is going.

As such, it is up to school bus drivers and other motorists to keep a keen eye out for children who are getting off or on a bus. Further, Illinois has very strict and specific laws that drivers must obey when near school buses.

If struck by a motor vehicle, a child could suffer life-altering or even fatal injuries. If your child is ever harmed by a negligent driver, you may want to hold that driver accountable. Though you may find it difficult to focus on how you will handle medical or other expenses, it is nonetheless an important issue. An Illinois personal injury attorney may be able to provide you with the investigative and legal help you need in pursuing compensation.