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Increased Demand For Goods Leads To More Truck Accidents

In most respects, a growing economy is good news for the country. Commerce can be stimulated by the sale and purchase of commercial goods. But in order for goods to be bought and sold, they must be transported. Tractor trailers are frequently employed to perform transport duties. It is estimated almost 100,000 additional drivers will have to be hired every year for the next decade to help fulfill the demand for these big rigs.

But on the downside, a recent CNBC report states that since 2009, there has been an increase in the number of truck accident fatalities. Fatal truck crashes occur with unfortunate regularity in the United States. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that, on average, almost 11 such accidents take place daily. This accounts for close to 4,000 deaths over the course of a year.

Demand for goods puts more trucks out on the highways, and the drivers of these trucks are bearing a heavy burden to get their loads delivered in a timely manner. Some drivers may even be coerced by their companies to forgo getting their legally required rest and to cover their infractions by falsifying their work logs.

Maintaining a delivery schedule cannot justify the potential for damage and injury that could be caused by a fatigued truck driver. Driving a big rig requires alertness at all times. Fatigue may compromise a driver’s reflexes as well as their ability to accurately assess their surroundings.

Given their size and weight, trucks cannot stop suddenly if traveling at highway speeds. A miscalculation on behalf of a tired driver can lead to tragic circumstances. Truck accident victims may end up suffering severe injuries that could require surgery and physical rehabilitation.

Should you be in a truck related accident, you may find that collecting compensation is not a straightforward proposition. Insurance companies sometimes are unwilling to make a fair payout. Additionally, determining liability can be a complex issue.

An attorney who understands how to deal with trucking companies and insurance companies may be able to help you get the compensation that satisfies your financial needs.