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Top 4 Serious Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Any time someone is involved in a motor vehicle accident, it can be considered serious. However, there are some that are more catastrophic than others because of the types of damages that can result—life-changing and life-threatening injuries.

It’s unfortunate because many of these types of accidents are completely preventable, but there are certain negligent actions that can cause them to happen. When negligence is involved, there are legal matters that may need to be taken by the injured party to seek compensation.

For anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident, it’s crucial to understand the most dangerous types of accidents, how they occur, the damages that can be caused, and who may be considered liable for the damages sustained. Here are some things you should know.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are some of the most serious that can occur and do quite often. There are countless vehicles on the road which increases the number of potential negligent drivers. As such, tens of thousands of accidents occur throughout the state each year.

Car accidents may result in broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and more. When these accidents happen, it’s most often the fault of another driver on the road. In some situations, though, it can be a third party, like a manufacturer.

Truck Accidents

The trucking industry has some important regulations designed to keep the truck driver and others on the road safe at all times. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and there are times when truck drivers, trucking companies, and other employees of the industry may be negligent.

Whenever a truck accident occurs, the injuries can be catastrophic due in part to the large size of the truck. As a result, some of the injuries may even be fatal when the truck crushes the vehicle or in any situation where the truck comes into contact with the smaller vehicle at a higher rate of speed.

Motorcycle Accidents

Unlike car and truck accidents, when a motorcycle is involved in an accident, there is no frame around the individual to help protect them from a number of dangers. As such, the motorcyclist is susceptible to being ejected from the motorcycle and can sustain significant harm.

Motorcyclists are often at risk of vehicles turning in front of them and drivers not recognizing motorcycles in their blind spots. When they’re hit, their helmet doesn’t always protect them, especially when traumatic brain injuries can occur due to the brain contacting with the skull.

Pedestrian Accidents

Imagine simply just walking down the street when suddenly, a car comes barreling out of nowhere and collides with you as a pedestrian. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon situation and more often than not, the injuries that are sustained can be catastrophic.

Much of the time, pedestrian accidents are caused by drunk drivers, distracted drivers, and reckless drivers. For instance, if a driver speeds through a red light, they could pose a serious risk to any pedestrian crossing the street at the legal crosswalk.

Hire Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers to Protect Your Rights

Any time you’re involved in a negligence-related accident, it’s very important for you to know that there are legal options that may be available to protect your rights. This includes the ability to seek compensation for the damages you have sustained.

Having a Chicago car accident attorney on your side can help you navigate the process to hold the negligent party accountable. You can seek compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and more.

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