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Top 7 Causes of Preventable Truck Accidents

Commercial truck accidents can be extremely severe and damaging. Compared to cars, motorcycles, or other modes of transportation, trucks are substantially larger, heavier, and capable of striking with serious force. Due to their size, many of these accidents result in life-altering injuries or fatalities. As is the case with many accidents, truck crashes are often caused by human error and are generally preventable. If you were injured in an accident involving a semi-truck or big rig, you should seek skilled legal guidance to pursue compensation.

See below to discover 7 of the most common preventable causes of truck accidents:

  1. Truck driver fatigue: Although driving hours are regulated to prevent extreme fatigue, this continues to be one of the most common and preventable causes of truck accidents. Drivers are required to take a certain number of rest breaks and are prohibited from driving for extended shifts in order to avoid drowsy driving accidents. Your truck accident attorney will be able to determine what rules and regulations were disregarded to ensure all responsible parties are held liable for the resulting injuries.
  1. Drugs and alcohol: Another common problem among truck drivers is substance abuse. Using drugs or drinking while operating any kind of motor vehicle is always dangerous, but even more so for truck drivers who operate vehicles as heavy as 80,000 pounds.
  1. Brake issues and other mechanical failures: When trucks are not properly maintained, anything can go wrong. Brake problems are particularly common and can cause fully-loaded trucks to collide into other motorists on the freeway while traveling at high speeds.
  1. Driving while distracted: Distracted driving, in all of its forms, is incredibly dangerous. Unfortunately, given how ever-present cell phones, tablets, and other devices are, drivers are often preoccupied with activities other than driving. Although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has regulations in place to ban the use of hand-held devices while driving, some truck drivers continue to engage in dangerous habits, such as texting while driving, which often has deadly consequences.
  1. Poorly maintained tires: As is the case with any other vehicle, the tires on a truck need to be checked and properly maintained to make sure they are safe to drive on. Tires that are underinflated, for example, can wear down at a faster rate, destroy the casings, and burst. This could cause a loss of control, which can easily lead to an accident.
  1. Dangerous or reckless driving: Reckless driving can include anything from speeding to changing lanes without making sure it is safe to do so. When truck drivers fail to exercise reasonable caution while driving, a severe accident can happen, injuring or fatally wounding multiple individuals.
  1. Cargo was loaded improperly: Loading cargo onto a truck is just as important as driving safely. When cargo is poorly loaded and not safely secured, it can move during transport, cause the truck driver to lose control, and the vehicle to flip over.

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