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School bus drivers require proper training in varied areas

School buses provide rides to thousands of children in Illinois. On the whole, school buses are a source of safe transportation. And the school buses of today are constructed for safety. According to the American School Bus Council, school buses should meet a variety of standards. The buses should have reinforced sides, flashing red lights, cross-view mirrors, stop sign arms and be brightly colored.

But of equal importance, the driver behind the wheel must be properly trained. School bus driver training is all-encompassing and includes the following areas:

  • Security procedures.
  • Student behavior management.
  • Unloading and loading.
  • Emergency medical procedures.

In addition, companies that run school buses should do frequent checks on their driver's driving records. And the drivers should undergo drug and alcohol testing prior to being hired and submit to random testing during their employment.

So long as school bus companies and the drivers they employ adhere to all applicable safety guidelines, they will likely be able to provide safe transportation for their passengers and not be a hazard to other road users. However, if an accident should occur, it is very important that a thorough investigation be conducted to discover the cause.

If your child should ever be injured in a school bus accident, you deserve answers as to what happened. Further, it is imperative that your child's medical needs are properly attended to. An Illinois personal injury attorney could possibly help you get both the answers and the compensation that you seek.

The attorney could investigate the accident to determine if negligence on behalf of the bus driver or bus company contributed to the incident. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the attorney could help you pursue compensation through a civil suit or an insurance claim.