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Take the "Texting Can Wait" Pledge with Our Legal Team and the Community Safety Forum

Distracted driving is an epidemic that kills eight and injures another 1,000 every day. Commit to putting an end to distracted driving by taking the “Texting Can Wait” pledge with us!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 1,000 people are injured and eight are killed daily due to driver distraction, and even these estimates are projected to be low. Cutting out driver distractions could save nearly 3,000 lives every year. That’s why we’re taking a stand and initiating the “Texting Can Wait” campaign.

The idea for our Texting Can Wait campaign was born out of a tragic crash that killed two people. A young female driver had drifted across the centerline of a highway while texting. This momentary distraction resulted in a 60 MPH head-on collision that killed two adult brothers in the other car. It is accidents like these that Morici, Longo & Associates and our Community Safety Forum are working to prevent.

How to Take the Pledge

Cellphone use while driving has become much like drunk driving – it is widely accepted as wrong, yet many people continue the practice. Avoiding this temptation can require serious measures, which is why we have provided a picture to remind everyone of the devastating effects of distracted driving. We encourage everyone taking the pledge to save the picture above and use it as the lock screen on their phone. We ask that you refrain from touching your mobile device while behind the wheel, and if you are tempted to do so, we hope that you’ll stop when you catch a glimpse of this picture.

About the Community Safety Forum

Founded in 2011 by personal injury lawyer James J. Morici, Jr., the Community Safety Forum is dedicated to providing information for public education on various topics pertaining to safety on the road, at home, in the workplace, and public places. Our mission is consistent with that of the National Safety Council of which Morici, Longo & Associates is an affiliated member.

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