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Morici, Longo & Associates Celebrates 22nd Anniversary!

We are pleased to be celebrating the 22nd anniversary of Morici, Longo & Associates’ founding! The firm’s original partners, James J. Morici, Jr. and Robert H. Butzow, were already established practitioners in their respective fields of personal injury and workers’ compensation when they came together to form what is now known as MLA, and have together watched the firm evolve and grow from three lawyers and one support staff to more than 18 team members.

Of great significance has been the emergence of named partner Lisa M. Longo, who joined the firm in 2014. Sharing a common heritage with Morici as a former Cook County First Chair Prosecutor, Longo has distinguished herself as one of the most recognized Chicago injury lawyers. We knew right from the start she was a winner, and her results have certainly proven it.

Throughout our history, we have been blessed with a strong group of support staff and the confidence of our clients. That, along with a lot of hard work, has allowed us to achieve our status as one of Chicago’s upper echelon injury firms. We are proud of our reputation as aggressive advocates for our clients, of our philanthropy, and leadership within Illinois’ legal community. Thank you all for your support over the years!

If you or someone you know is seeking legal guidance following an accident, reach out to our Chicago personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyers at (312) 779-0366 or online to schedule a free consultation.