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construction workers pointing at top of skyscraper

Carpenter Sustains Broken Vertebrae in 16-Foot Fall

Chicago injury lawyers James J Morici, Jr. and Lisa Longo have begun discovery depositions in the case of a 52-year-old carpenter who was seriously injured on a Chicago construction site.

Testimony has demonstrated that the plaintiff was injured while being made to climb the vertical side of a hydraulically adjusted concrete form at a new construction site of a downtown high-rise. Although the large general contractor leading the job was aware of the present hazards, the dangerous practice was allowed to continue in the name of expediency. As the forms were moved from one level to another in order to extend the elevator core of the building upward, mounting plates needed to be disconnected and relocated in order to "jump" the forms. Access to the connecting plates was required and, rather than provide scaffolding or a proper ladder, the men were required to climb the side of the form.

At the time of the worker’s injury, he climbed approximately 16 feet above the concrete deck and hooked his safety hook onto a bolt that was a part of the form’s internal connections. While reaching for his secondary lifeline to make a second connection, his hand slipped off the form, the bolt came loose, and he fell backward, landing on his back. His injuries, which include multiple compression fractures of the thoracic vertebrae and a herniated lumbar disc, have prevented his ability to return to work.

The Chicago personal injury attorneys at Morici, Longo & Associates practice exclusively in representing injured individuals in personal injury and workers compensation litigation. A substantial portion of the firm’s practice involves injury on Chicago construction sites.

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