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Reasons You Have Sustained Muscle Strain (Part I)

Before taking on another house project or completing any major house cleaning tasks, make sure you read these “top problems” of sustaining injuries and muscle strain:

Problem #1 (More Of An Excuse Than A Problem): You “Do Not Have Time” To Warm Up

Most likely, you do not feel like warming up. However, warming up your muscles will get your circulation and heart going and prepare your body for physical work and stress. Good examples of warm up are walking, stretching and gentle yoga poses.

Problem #2: You Do Too Much Too Soon

You lead a sedantary life, where most days you plop yourself in front of the TV, or are on your computer and you put off doing household chores until last minute. So, you decide to do “everything and get it done and over with” in one day and put your body through a strenuous workout. Instead of doing everything at once, fraction your activities throughout the week or even month. Start by doing one task for an hour or two, then the following day begin another task for not more than two hours per day. Allow your muscles to ease into the new activities. You will feel much better and you will greatly reduce your chances of straining and pulling muscles.

Problem #3: You Push Yourself Too Far In One Day

If you spend doing one activity and use only one part of your body, you leave yourself to a great deal of hurt. Repetitive motion will cause great strain and stress to that part of your body and you will be unable to finish your chores because you may be bed ridden for a few days. Try not to put too much pressure on one group of muscles. Do a combination of tasks and do not overdo it.

Problem #4: Your Posture Is All Wrong And Your Gaze Is Too Low

Maintaining proper or good posture will help ease lower back pain, neck pain and prevent varicose veins. Poor posture will result in certain muscles tightening while others lengthen. Also, keeping your head down or looking down will most likely cause back and neck strain. It is best to keep your back straight and head relaxed and allow for different movement of the body for more flexibility.

Problem #5: You Forgot To Take A Break

You have to remember to take a break from your physical workout from chores. Allow your body to rest for a few minutes. You can help by keeping your body sufficiently hydrated by drinking water, herbal tea or another liquid that does not contain caffeine, alcohol or sugar.

Problem #6: You Work With Improper Tools And Equipment

Spending a few more dollars on quality tools and equipment will pay off in the long run. Do not be tempted to buy any tools that are cheap and flimsy; they will break and place more strain on your body. Remember not to bend or reach excessively, work approximately at your hip’s height for optimal comfort and adjust your work area to suit your task and your body.

Problem #7: You Like To Procrastinate

Whether we would like to admit to this or not, we all delay working on house projects. Refuse the temptation of lying around the couch in font of the television. Several minutes of physical activity improves your brain function, concentration, agility, pumps your heart and burns calories. So, get to work!