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When should I contact a personal injury attorney?

MLA LAW, Chicago’s personal injury law firm answers your most asked questions!

When researching online or asking family and friends about what attorney or law firm they selected to represent them in a lawsuit, it is crucial to ask yourself the following questions:

After being in an accident, when is the best time to contact a lawyer?

You should contact at attorney as soon as you are able. If you have been in an automobile collision, job site accident, or have sustained another type of personal injury the best time is to call today. You should be in a position to know your legal rights, especially if there is any permanent injury or significant time lost from work, school, etc. Contacting Morici, Figlioli and Associates can provide you with peace of mind: an attorney will explain your rights, liability and any legal claims.

Here are a few scenarios when you should contact an attorney immediately after an accident:

· Serious or permanent injury (broken bones, paralysis, loss of limb, back/neck injury, hospitalizations) and death;

· Other parties involved in the accident and fault;

· The accident occurred in a construction zone;

· Insufficient or lack of police report;

· No insurance coverage, or confused about your policy coverage;

· You are seeking advice on a claim (help with negotiations, figuring who is looking out for your best interest);

· You are not sure of your rights;

· You are in need of an expert to review your paperwork before you sign.

If you have been in a simple fender bender where no one involved was hurt and no one was hospitalized, such an accident can usually be handled through the insurance company. Even so, do not rule out the facts and circumstances of the collision, you may want to contact an attorney either way just to make sure your rights are protected.

If you decide not to involve an attorney in your case, just remember to do the following right after the accident:

1. Obtain a copy of the police report and get the names of the police officers present.

2. Get information from the other driver(s), such as name, address, phone number and insurance policy.

3. Immediately contact your insurance company to report the accident and keep track of every representative you speak with including doctors.

4. Carefully explain the accident details to your insurance company, do not make any assumptions or change your story. Just tell the truth, the way it happened.

5. Ask your insurance company for the claim number and any pertinent names, addresses and phone numbers regarding your claim.

6. If anyone pressures you to settle your claim or medical bills, do not agree until you have had an opportunity to discuss it with an attorney because you may be placing future liability in your hands and not even know it.

If you are not sure what to do next, contact the law office of Morici, Figlioli and Associates.