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To meet schedules, truck drivers may exceed personal limits

Like all large metropolitan areas, Chicago's roadways have a steady flow of truck traffic during all hours of the day and night. In order to earn a living, truck drivers must keep the wheels of their trucks rolling for as many hours a day as possible. In fact, given the conditions of their jobs, it is safe to say that truck drivers are often very hard working individuals.

But long hours at any job can take their toll. And truck drivers spend their time on duty controlling an extremely cumbersome vehicle, sometimes through adverse weather conditions or in heavy traffic. They are also responsible for making their deliveries according to very tight schedules.

We are all only human, and humans have limitations. Sadly, all too often truck drivers attempt to exceed their limitations. They may do this by forgoing required rest and sleep breaks and staying behind the wheel to the point of extreme fatigue. They may in turn try to battle the fatigue with stimulants such as caffeine or even more potent drugs.

But in resorting to artificial means of remaining alert, truck drivers may become vulnerable to the belief that they have beaten fatigue. And this belief can make such drivers dangerous to all road users. Just a momentary lapse in judgment on behalf of a fatigued truck driver can result in a very serious accident.

If you or a family member is ever injured in a truck collision that you suspect was due to a driver being fatigued or having some other impairment, you may wish to relay your concerns to an attorney. We at Morici, Longo & Associates may be able to offer you legal assistance. Our firm is experienced in handling truck accident cases and you can read about the services we offer on this website.