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How can a consumer make a complaint against a taxi driver?

In order to get around town quickly, a Chicagoan could hop in a taxi cab. Most of the time, the taxi drivers offer good service. When drivers know the roads and follow traffic laws, a taxi trip is typically a safe, pleasant experience.

However, sometimes events transpire that can cause a passenger, or even someone in a taxi?s proximity, to want to register a complaint against a driver. Any number of things may inspire taking such an action. A driver may refuse to allow a passenger into his or her cab or may not take a passenger to the correct destination. A driver may even cause an accident by driving recklessly.

So how can someone alert authorities to a problem involving a taxi cab driver or taxi company? Well, the city of Chicago has a Web page that allows consumers to register their complaints. The complaints are reviewed by the Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection. Those who wish to issue a complaint are strongly advised to provide their names and contact information. Without this information, it may not be possible to carry out any disciplinary action.

The service provided by the city is helpful in calling attention to problem taxi drivers and companies. But if you are involved in an incident that causes injuries or damages, you may need to seek stronger recourse.

If you should ever be injured due to the negligent actions of a taxi cab driver or taxi service, you may wish to contact an Illinois personal injury attorney. The attorney may be able to work on your behalf to get you compensation.