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Many teens involved in fatal car accidents during summer

Although summer doesn't officially arrive until June, Memorial Day weekend is a nice precursor to the season. Many people look forward to the ensuing months with an eye for fun. Teenagers who have recently acquired their driver's licenses may be extra excited at the promise of summertime adventure.

But all too often the 100-day stretch starting on Memorial Day and ending on Labor Day proves a very dangerous time for teen drivers. In fact, every year during this period, fatal car accidents take the lives of almost 800 teens.

According to AAA research, distraction played a role in 58 percent of teen crashes studied. These distractions include reaching for objects, grooming and using cell phones.

Of course, when a teen drivers get behind the wheel, they are responsible for their actions. However, parents can take an active part in monitoring the driving habits of their teens. Toward this end, parents can create agreements with their teens that outline driving rules and consequences for violating those rules. Subjects such as the use of cell phones and having passengers on board can be addressed as part of the agreement.

We all want to have a safe and happy summer. Unfortunately, if past statistics are accurate, fatal accidents involving teen drivers will occur. Losing a loved one in such an accident can leave a family struggling to cope emotionally. In such a time, thinking about how to best seek financial compensation for things like medical costs and funeral expenses could be very difficult.

This is why turning to an Illinois personal injury attorney for guidance and advice may be helpful. The attorney could take all the factors of your situation into account and perhaps aid you in deciding how to proceed with pursuing recompense.