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What steps are taken when riding the bus?

To help keep people moving throughout the city, the Chicago Transit Authority runs bus lines all around the area. This allows for convenient, affordable transportation. But what steps are involved in taking a bus ride?

CTA offers several helpful pieces of advice in its how-to guide to riding the bus. First, after you find your stop, wait close by the bus stop sign. This will allow the bus driver to see you. Then, as the bus approaches, check its destination sign. Compare the bus's name, route number and destination with the information on the bus stop sign to confirm that the bus approaching is the one you want to board.

Have your fare in hand as you board the bus. After you pay your fare, proceed into the bus, giving others room move freely. If you have bags or other such items, keep them clear of the aisles and exits.

Once you are ready to get off the bus, alert the driver by pulling the stop request cord, which runs above the top of the windows. Finally, it is best to exit out of the rear door as this allows quicker entry for those who are boarding the bus.

Riding the bus is a pretty simple proposition, made even easier and safer if everyone follows the recommendations made by the CTA. But it is imperative that bus drivers be constantly on watch for pedestrians and other traffic. A bus is such a large vehicle that it would be very difficult to get out of its path, even if not moving at a rapid rate.

An accident caused by a negligent bus driver could cause a pedestrian serious or even fatal injuries. If you are ever harmed in a bus accident, an Illinois personal injury attorney may be able to act on your behalf to get you the compensation you are due.