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$225,000 for a Woman Rear-Ended by a FedEx Truck

$225,000 was awarded to a woman who had been rear-ended by a FedEx Truck.

Just weeks after a shoulder surgery and while stopped waiting to turn into a building where she was to receive physical therapy, the plaintiff was struck from behind by a speeding FedEx truck. 

The driver claimed that he was distracted by children he thought would wander onto the road, but this was proven to be false after our investigation turned up witnesses who refuted this story. 

The significant collision caused the plaintiff, who had a long history of repeat rotator cuff tears to suffer yet another tear of her just repaired shoulder. She then required additional surgeries and significant treatment. 

While the defendant argued that her rotator cuff was already bad and destined to fail through considered use of medical testimony we were able to garner this significant settlement. 

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