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Privacy Rights: A type of personal injury? Part I

Another type of personal injury is privacy rights. Each member of society has some privacy rights and is entitled to privacy protection. Privacy laws vary depending upon the particular factual circumstances. There are different types of unlawful invasion of privacy; just a few are listed below:

  • Unlawful use of another's image, such as using someone's photograph without permission in an advertisement 
  • Intrusion in private life, such as a highly offensive action (these may include unlawful spying, peeking, surveillance, or voyeurism)
  • Disclosure of private facts which resulted in embarrassment, humiliation or offense of an individual, such as publishing an untrue story or comments
  • Defamation of character, such as being placed in a false light in the public eye. For example, making a public statement about someone which is totally untrue (the statement need only be false and highly offensive)

The above examples are only generalizations and specific incidents should be discussed with an experienced attorney. In certain situations, it may be difficult to ascertain abuse of privacy rights. The issue of what actions are considered highly offensive depends greatly upon the factual circumstances under scrutiny.

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