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Study shows chronic illness risks common among truck drivers

Mile after mile they drive, moving cargo from one end of the country to the other. The service they provide is vital to keeping our commercial goods conveniently available. They are truck drivers and they have a very difficult job. The circumstances of their job would likely put a physical and emotional strain on anyone.

According to a study released earlier this year by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, those who work as long-haul truckers display a greater likelihood of having certain high risk-factors which are tied to chronic diseases.

Almost 1,700 drivers were part of the study. The results showed that obesity is a common risk factor shared by 69 percent of those surveyed.

Among the drivers in the study, 88 percent laid claim to having one or more risk factors. These factors included the aforementioned obesity, high-blood pressure and smoking. In contrast, only 54 percent of adults in the general working population of the U.S. possess one or more risk factors.

What the study indicates is that a large portion of those who drive big rigs for a living may be suffering from the effects of ill health. This could mean that while on the road, they could be taking medications to counteract their maladies. It also may mean that whatever conditions they have may cause them to feel fatigued.

A big rig truck is a very heavy and powerful vehicle and anyone driving one should be of reliable health and alert at all times. An accident caused by a truck driver suffering from a chronic condition or illness could leave victims with catastrophic injuries. Medical expenses for surgery or rehabilitation can be exorbitant.

Should you ever suffer harm due to the actions of a truck driver who was not fit to be behind the wheel, it is possible for an Illinois accident attorney to look into your case. The attorney may be able to help maximize the compensation you require for your recovery.