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Cameras at red lights helping to reduce fatal accidents

It's a scenario that most Chicago motorists encounter on a daily basis. You are approaching a traffic light that turns yellow, now you must quickly decide whether to proceed through the intersection, hoping to beat the light, or slow down and come to a halt as it turns red. It is such a simple, but critical choice. When a motorist drives into an intersection after the light has turned red, there is always the danger that a collision could occur.

The Chicago Department of Transportation takes red light safety so seriously that it has had cameras installed at some of the city's most dangerous intersections. In addition, signs are posted informing drivers that the intersections are monitored by cameras.

According to CDOT, the installation of these cameras has contributed significantly to a reduction in red light accidents. This is important because the types of accidents that result from the running of red lights are often extremely serious or even deadly.

Not only do the cameras appear to be convincing drivers to slow down, but if a driver does run a red light, there is photographic evidence of the act. This can be very helpful when trying to prove liability in a red light accident. In fact, an attorney can use this evidence when building a civil suit against a negligent driver.

Motorists may run red lights for a number of reasons including being in a hurry, being distracted or even be impaired by drugs or alcohol. But none of these reasons are excusable, and drivers who are responsible for the deaths of others in red light accidents should be held accountable. If a member of your family was killed or seriously injured by a negligent driver, you may wish to file a wrongful death lawsuit as a means of helping defray the financial strain caused by your loss.