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Walmart Injury Claims

Many supermarkets, like Walmart, may cause personal injuries to its customers such as a slip and fall accident, being struck by equipment, or being struck by a falling product or display. These types of claims can be difficult to pursue if a customer does it on their own because of the number of resources large corporate entities have on their side. With the help of Morici, Longo & Associates, you can stand up to corporations like Walmart. Illinois law states that anyone who owns or manages a premises is legally responsible for the safety of their visitors. Although, this does not mean that any personal injury that occurs in a store is the fault of the property owner. For the claim to viable as a premises liability, the property owner must have created or have notice of the defect.

The most common type of premises liability lawsuit relates to “slip and fall” accidents. This is when one trips, slips, and/or falls from a height and sustains injury on someone’s property. The “slip and fall” accidents that occur at Walmart are commonly caused by a spill that hasn’t been cleaned, debris that has fallen off the shelves, freshly mopped floors, loose carpeting, potholes in the parking lot, uneven pavement near the entrance, a leak, exposed electrical wires, ice or snow, or trash spilling out of garbage cans. Other common Walmart accidents are falling products, negligently assembled displays, negligence of Walmart employees and/or accidents caused by Walmart drivers. These can all be claims filed against Walmart.

Filing a claim against Walmart or any supermarket is a difficult task. Supermarkets are experts at handling lawsuits due to the many injuries they cause. Walmart has created its own subsidiary specifically for handling personal injury claims called Claims Management, Inc. However, Walmart will likely be considered liable if one of the following led to an accident: if the company or an employee caused a dangerous situation, knew about a dangerous situation but did nothing to remove or mitigate it, was at fault, or reasonably should have known about the dangerous situation and did nothing about it. If any of these apply to you, you must act promptly.

You should seek medical attention. This is a crucial step in filing a claim because medical records can act as evidence even if your injuries do not seem severe. You should collect evidence around the scene. See Walmart video footage if there is any. Keep all records of medical expenses related to the injury. Take photographs of the accident scene and what led to your injury if you can. File a Walmart customer incident report. Be very detailed in the report and include how and where the accident occurred along with any witness information. Do not sign the report or talk to a Walmart representative. Along with all of these records, please contact a lawyer before talking about your accident or writing about it on social media. The lawyer will be able to tell you what steps to take next and if you have a viable claim.

At Morici, Longo & Associates, we understand the complexities of Walmart personal injury accidents and settlements and know how to put together a strong case against the retailer. Our team of lawyers that fight Walmart is not afraid to go against large corporations. We will do what it takes to ensure you and your loved ones aren’t taken advantage of by the company and receive the fair and just compensation you deserve.

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