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Building Collapse Lawsuits

About 2½ years ago, a couple of fire fighters lost their lives while battling a warehouse blaze. Without warning, the roof collapsed, trapped them, and ultimately killed them. Another accident reported a collapsed bridge with injuries and just recently, several individuals had lost their lives while another building crumbled down in Philadelphia.

Liability for Building Collapses

All structures must meet city, county or state building codes which greatly reduces their chance of falling into ruins. When a travesty such as a building collapse does occur, it often reflects on the failure, negligence, and incompetence of more than one individual or party. It is best to contact a Chicago construction accident attorney early on, so that he or she may work with additional avenues of financial recovery other than workmen's compensation, liability insurance, or project designers and architects. A keen attorney will explain all of your legal options, which will result in your best interest, as well as full compensation.

Causes of Building Collapses

Falling debris, construction materials, machinery, equipment, the building itself, as well as other items exhibit a potential threat to passersby and occupants of the building. These types of events occur mostly because of having inadequate construction, careless or incompetent construction workers, faulty design, failure of the foundation to hold, heavy loads, or a mix of these causes.

Victims are often seriously injured or killed as the materials and debris descend around them. If you or a loved one were seriously injured or died as a result of a building collapse in Illinois, it is in your best interest to contact a top construction site accident lawyer as soon as possible in order to claim and protect your rights.

The companies who built the weak structure are legally obligated to have safety measures in place for the protection of the public, as well as the workers. When they do not meet these obligations, the consequence to workers and their families can be tragic.

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