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$920K for Slip and Fall Head Injury

A Cook County Jury awarded a Winchester man $920,000.00 for head injuries sustained in a 2005 slip and fall. The Plaintiff, an independent contractor, visiting a local meals wheels kitchen fell striking his head and sustaining mild closed head trauma. Evidence showed that the floor had been recently mopped by a kitchen employee and left wet without giving any warning.

The Plaintiff was treated at local emergency room and, despite two negative CT scans, was diagnosed with a concussion and released. He experienced double vision, dizziness, and other related symptoms leading to eye muscle surgery to correct his vision deficits. The Jury deliberated one hour and forty-five minutes before returning its verdict after a one-week long trial.

The Plaintiff was represented by Mr. David Schwaner of Morici, Longo & Associates . Judge Maureen Durkin Roy presided over the trial. This represents the most recent in a continuing string of favorable verdicts recieved by Mr. Schwaner in Cook and the surrounding counties. Mr. Schwaner a fifth-year lawyer and graduate of Loyola University has been associated with the firm since graduation.