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How to avoid injury during the holidays

To avoid holiday gift-giving related injuries:

  • Always choose toys to suit the age, abilities, skills and interest level of the intended child;
  • Immediately dispose of all wrapping papers, bags, plastic, strings, ribbons and bows since these items can pose a risk of suffocation and choking in young children and pets;
  • For kids under age 10, purchase items that are battery operated in order to prevent burns and electrical shock.

To avoid holiday lifting / carrying injuries:

  • Use the proper lifting technique every time you pick up a load - bend at your knees not at your back;
  • Always ask for help when lifting something heavy - carrying large loads may cause an injury;
  • Use a wagon or moving dolly to transport heavy items.

To avoid holiday sports and recreation injuries:

  • Wear the proper safety equipment and adequate protective clothing;
  • Drink plenty of fluids (no sugary drinks, alcohol or caffeine) to stay hydrated;
  • Warm-up your muscles and body before starting any activities (sports, cleaning, putting up decorations) in order to reduce the risk of muscle strain.

To avoid holiday food cooking and burn injuries:

  • Keep hot liquids and foods away from the edges of counters and tables - exploring kids’ hands may knock it down and the hot food may cause a severe burn injury;
  • Use proper utensils to cut and prepare food;
  • Wear protective clothing (aprons, oven mitt, gloves, etc);
  • If using a microwave, use only microwave-safe containers, same goes for an oven.

To avoid holiday road traffic injuries and car accidents:

  • Be sure to get plenty of rest and sleep the night before you leave on a long trip;
  • Take frequent breaks when driving long distances either at gas stations, rest areas or restaurants;
  • Plan ahead and be flexible with your travel plans in case of inclement weather or you get too tired;
  • Give yourself extra time and drive the speed limit. Rushing and driving above the speed limit is a contributing factor in increased road traffic accidents; 
  • Never drink alcohol, or take medication that may impair your judgment and reaction time, and drive.  

As member of the National Safety Council and constantly defending the rights of injured individuals, MLA LAW recognizes unsafe environments and encourages individuals to be cautious. Always have an emergency kit stored in your car. The kit should include extra blankets, a case of water, granola bars, emergency flares, a flashlight and extra batteries. These items are extremely helpful if your car gets stranded and you are waiting for help to arrive. 

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