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How to safely decorate the house and avoid injuries

The following simple precautions will significantly reduce injuries during the holiday season:

  • Absolutely no consumption of any type of alcohol: Alcohol significantly impairs your ability to think and coordinate your movements and increases the risk of falling. Celebrate the holidays with drinks after you finish decorating;
  • Choose the proper ladder: When working at low and medium heights, choose step stools or utility ladders. Extension ladders are ideal if you need to reach high places, especially the outdoors. Place the ladder on a firm base close to your work area and check the ladder for wobbliness or unevenness; and wear the proper footwear with a good grip, no flip-flops, sandals or slippers;
  • Be extra careful when putting up delicate ornaments: These are a major hazard for small children and pets. Small pieces or ornaments that have shattered can be swallowed or walked over and can induce choking and/or unnecessary cuts;
  • Wear protective clothing: This includes goggles, gloves, long-sleeved shirts and pants and breathing mask. This will help you avoid eye and skin irritation, inhaling fumes and unnecessary cuts.

MLA LAW not only helps those who have been seriously injured, but also helps to prevent injuries through the Community Safety Forum videos, as well as through these short articles.

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