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How Can Our Personal Injury Law Firm Help With Career Ending Injuries

Injuries that permanently prevent a worker from returning to their trade are called career-ending injuries.  Our personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys represent many injured Illinois tradesmen that suffer from career-ending injuries.

These types of cases are very difficult, and often take longer than other injury cases to resolve. In order to prove the injured worker will never be able to perform at the same level at their current job, many evaluations need to take place. Even if you are able to work a different job, and are making less than you were prior to your injury, it is more than likely that you are entitled to receive benefits.  

Our attorneys demand maximum compensation for our clients and are persistent with the insurance companies. Our personal injury law firm has strong relationships with Illinois top medical institutions and doctors, especially in the fields of orthopedic and neurology. We strive to get the best medical attention for our seriously injured clients and help them regain control of their lives. If you have been severely hurt don’t hesitate to call our office and talk to an attorney.