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Workplace Injury and How to Avoid It

Accidents can practically happen anywhere and when you least expect them. Most workplace accidents and injuries can be prevented if workers are taught how to protect themselves to avoid injury. The optimal way to do this is to discuss a certain accident or injury during a regular meeting. Then follow with a brief description of how to prevent it.

Listed below are four major causes of injuries:

  • Back injuries are due to physical overload. These are caused by either improperly lifting or lifting heavy items, straining, overreaching, bending, and twisting. To protect yourself against injury, learn proper lifting techniques and then implement them when doing a task. Never bend or twist while lifting or carrying. If possible, use a mechanical aid or get help from another worker. Wearing safety apparel, such as a back brace may help. Make sure you can see over the load you carry.
  • Hitting or striking against an object. The best way to protect yourself against these type of accidents is to be alert to potential hazards and to use protective equipment, such as hard hats, eye protection, gloves, vest, ear plugs, etc. Always look around and be aware of your surroundings and the space around you. Give yourself enough clearance when passing or ducking under equipment.
  • Falls. Make sure your footing is firm and you are wearing slip-resistant soled shoes. Watch your step. Don't walk backwards to equipment or machinery and don't leap from one level to another. Make sure your pathway is sufficiently illuminated and clear of obstacles and debris. Immediately clean up spills or grease and use handrails when walking on stairs or walkways. Be alert of any hazards.
  • Machinery Accidents are caused by getting caught by moving machine parts. When working around any moving equipment and machinery always use protective gear, such as safety shields, guards, and lock-out procedures. Don't use machinery you haven't been trained to operate. Never wear dangling jewelry or loose-fitting clothing that can get caught in moving equipment. Read your company's safety guidelines.

Always remember to use proper safety equipment. Devote your full attention to the task you are doing at that moment. Always ask for assistance if in doubt, this will help distribute the weight and allows for safe movement. Pay attention to pain, if something hurts it means you have been injured. Always have a fully-supplied safety kit. Lastly, contact your superior and notify him/her of any injury or accident.

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