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Determining Liability for a Tour Bus Accident

One of the most cost efficient ways to visit tourist destinations is to travel by tour bus. And while buses generally provide safe transportation, there is always the chance that something unfortunate could happen while out on the road.

Should you ever be injured in a bus accident and have to file an insurance claim or issue a lawsuit, you may find determining liability a bit confusing. This is because there may be various parties involved in the process of providing services for the tour. Liability could be determined by the contractual agreements set up by these parties.

The specifics of who carries liability and for what will vary from case to case, but the following are entities that are frequently part of injury lawsuits involving tour buses.

  • The company that owns the bus. The vehicles in a bus company’s fleet must be in reasonable condition for safe operation. Company drivers must have appropriate licensing.
  • The locations where the bus stops. Every place that a tour bus stops can offer a variety of potential hazards to passengers. Should a passenger injure themselves while at one of these destinations, the venue's owner could be held liable.
  • The company that organizes the tour. It is the responsibility of the tour company to see that the bus company they hire does not have a record of safety violations. If a tour company does hire such a bus company and an injury accident occurs during the tour, the tour company could be held liable.

With all of the variables involved regarding contract agreements, figuring out who should pay for what after a bus accident could prove a daunting task. The pursuit of justice might devolve into a big runaround if each party claims the other is liable.

If you are ever injured while out on the road as part of a tour bus package, you should not have to try to deal with all the involved parties by yourself. A Chicago bus accident attorney at Morici, Longo & Associates may be able to zero in on who is liable and determine the amount you are owed. Contact us today to get started with your case.