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What can you do to avoid a truck accident?

Staying safe on Chicago’s roadways can be a challenge. This can be especially true when driving near large commercial trucks. Due to the sheer size and weight of such vehicles, accidents involving big rig trucks can be catastrophic if not fatal. For this reason, all drivers should remain aware of their surroundings and the following suggestions in order to avoid being involved in a truck accident:

  • Never pull to the right side of a truck as it is turning right.
  • Never drive in between large tractor trailers.
  • Never drive in areas besides or behind a truck where the driver will have difficulty seeing you. These are areas that are driver’s blind spots.
  • When making a left turn, carefully appraise the speed of any approaching tractor trailers.
  • Always follow at a distance. Because big rig trucks are extremely heavy, it takes them much longer to stop. Additionally, if a truck has a blowout, you will need ample time to react since truckers can lose control should a tire blow.

These are just a few things you can do to stay safe when driving near trucks. But regardless of the precautions you take, you cannot prevent a truck driver from being on the road while in a state of fatigue or when their rig is in need of important maintenance. A collision with one of these super-sized vehicles can leave victims in need of extensive medical attention. The injuries they suffer can be life altering and be very expensive to treat.

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